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About our School

Kasulu Pentecostal Secondary School (KAPESS)

The vision which lead ultimately to the formation of the school, commenced in 2014. In that year Anderson Joel Mzurikwao, the founder of Mzurikwao Agricultural Company Limited (MACOL) with Tanzanian registration number of 138935, travelled back to visit Tanzania where he had been born.

Anderson studied geology in Australia, and thought to put those studies to good use by helping the people in the District Council of Kasulu in the Kigoma region of Tanzania to access potable water by collaborating with local community leaders.

But Anderson is a person of expanding vision. So in 2017, three years later, the decision was made to find ways to create jobs for the young unemployed people in the local communities. So MACOL was born. Anderson and his wife Claudine have been supporting locals through MACOL since that time. As of 2023, MACOL now has 20 permanent employees, plus many casual and seasonal workers. Anderson makes a practice of visiting these workers every year.

As the local work expanded, many challenges were encountered. Just one of these was the lack of employees with even basic Information Technology (IT) skills. This means, of course, that few were equipped to operate computers or to access technology. We have found that this problem seemed to be the direct result of many locals only having a very limited education.

To address this problem, it was thought that a school should be commenced, through which the education of the local people could be taken to another level.

And so Kasulu Pentecostal Secondary School (KAPESS) was born (registration S2181). The school was officially opened on 09 January 2023. The school’s vision is to educate students to a higher level reflecting national and international educational values. The goal of KAPESS is to see some of its students go on to University study at both the graduate and post graduate level, thus achieving the level of preparation that modern society requires.

Of course it is not just about education, but the belief is that if more people are equipped with a better education, they will be able to better help themselves, their parents, their communities, and ultimately, their nation.

The school has had good beginnings, but there is a long way to go. However, as is often said “a journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.”

As we look back to where MACOL began a few years ago, we feel compelled to forge ahead and see many students begin to shine brightly out of the darkness.





What makes the school so special now?

Many had failed before at the school because they didn’t have right tools in place to help them running the school. They were supplying water at the school by trucks but MACOL is using clean aquifer water using geological skills and technology. They were purchasing all meals groceries from supermarkets but MACOL is supplying most of raw foods freshly from its own farms. MACOL has improved a lot of infrastructure at the school such as dormitories for both girls and boys, classrooms, restrooms & bathrooms, electricity systems & lightning, playgrounds for both girls and boys, entertainment, Safety, etc…

The current school’s environment is totally different to the way it looked when MACOL took over from previous owner. It is a place to send a child to gain knowledge and a great workplace.

Most accomplished but more is required

We (MACOL) have bought books for teaching, along with necessary equipment and chemicals for the laboratory. So far we have shipped 8 computers, but we intend to increase the number up to 30 computers by the end of this year – enough for a whole classroom (computer laboratory). We are also seeking more teaching materials which will enhance and ameliorate students’ ability to learn and also to assist the educators in their teaching tasks.

However, “it takes a village to raise a child,” so any monetary and/or other help will be much appreciated and will be crucial to our goal of changing the lives of our students. They have little financial help from their parents. They are so many students out there who are smart intellectually but they can’t continue their studies because of funds scarce. We have enough trained & qualified teachers and other staff – we have enough classrooms – we have enough dormitories, beds & their amenities – we have enough food – we have enough clean water supply – we have enough electricity (TANESCO & solar power) – we have enough desks and their chairs – we have many more enough things… But we cannot afford to pay for all requirements needed for every student such as school contributions, uniforms, learning materials, etc.

If you can join us in anyway to even make one child to access this amazing program of modern education, that will be absolutely a life changer.

The school Location

The school is on the main bitumen road connecting the Kasulu town and the Kigoma city and other regions of Tanzania, as well as the nearby countries of DR Congo and Burundi. It is close to both Nyumbigwa and Bugaga villages, and people can walk from those villages to the campus. It is also just ten kilometres from the Kasulu Town Centre.
It is surrounded by a fabulous natural environment, including beautiful green trees and other natural vegetation.
It has good soil which is perfect for supporting the growth of vegetation, and which provides a good area for the students to engage in recreational activities during their break times.

Our mission

At MACOL, our mission is to be a leading provider of agricultural machinery, equipment, and services in Tanzania. We prioritize the well-being of our employees by offering comprehensive medical aid, including health insurance, on-site health clinics, wellness programs, mental health services, and health and safety training. Our aim is to ensure the health, safety, and overall well-being of our employees while delivering exceptional service to our customers in the agriculture industry

Our vision

At MACOL, our vision is to revolutionize the agricultural sector in Tanzania by becoming the preferred choice for farmers and businesses in need of machinery, equipment, and related services. We strive to create a sustainable and prosperous future by embracing innovation, fostering strong customer relationships, and empowering our diverse workforce. Through our commitment to excellence, integrity, and social responsibility, we aim to contribute to the growth and development of the agricultural industry while positively impacting the lives of our employees, customers, and communities

Our story

MACOL people are great people. Whether we’re learning new things, seizing the initiative, or winning together our customers are at the heart of everything we do. WE are people who are connected to take accountability and strive to always do the right thing for each other, our communities, our customers, and our business.