Diverse organisation

Welcome to MACOL

Mzurikwao Agriculture Co. Ltd (MACOL) is a diverse organisation with employees from different cultures and backgrounds. We represent a slice of Tanzania, where all Tanzanians are treated equally, honestly and fairly in our workplace.

Who we are


We are committed to treating our employees with respect and providing them with opportunities for growth and development, while also ensuring the safety and security of our people and customers. We strive to deliver exceptional service to our customers, based on our passion for agriculture and a positive attitude, while always doing the right thing for each other, our communities, and our business.

Mzurikwao Agriculture Co. Ltd (MACOL) is an organisation tend to be a leading provider of agricultural products, machinery, equipment, and services in Tanzania. The company is also offering a range of complementary services, such as education, transportation, restaurants, sports, etc.

Message from MACOL CEO

We are so delighted you are here. As you browse our website, I hope you gain more understanding about the qualities that make our company an outstanding provider of essential community services and a wonderful place to build a career for many Tanzanians from different backgrounds around the country.

The vision which lead ultimately to the formation of the Mzurikwao Agriculture Company Limited (MACOL) with Tanzanian registration number of 138935, commenced in 2014. In that year I travelled back to visit Tanzania where I had been born. With my geology and hydrology skills gained in Australia, I had passion to help my people in a big village of Kitanga in the District Council of Kasulu in the Kigoma region to get potable water from aquifer. The village was also struggling with transport to other places as the only available transport by then was by motorcycles which was very expensive and unsafe. I was the first person to provide reliable commuter vehicles services in that village and it didn’t only drive down fare prices but helped many people to safely access to crucial places such as better health facilities, town markets, schools, etc.

Medical Aid

MACOL offers health and safety training to its employees, providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. This includes training on how to prevent accidents, how to respond to medical emergencies, and how to handle hazardous materials safely.


As a company dealing with Agricultural Machinery, equipment, farms and other departments such as Education, restaurant, transport, sports, etc. our positive attitude and a desire to go above and beyond will see us thrive in our fast paced agriculture environment. Our passion for machinery, soil, food and customers will enhance the overall experience in the industry.


Kasulu Pentecostal Secondary School (KAPESS) was born (registration S2181) in December 2022. The school’s vision is to educate students to a higher level reflecting national and international educational values. The goal of KAPESS is to see some of its students go on to University study at both the graduate and post-graduate level, thus achieving the level of preparation that modern society requires